Help for single mothers in West Virginia

With the costs of living taken into account, it is never easy for a single mother to survive in the State of West Virginia. She is faced with multiple needs expected by her children and unfortunately her low-income cannot afford all. Imagine the human needs such as shelter, clothing, food, healthcare, childcare and education. All mean a battle to the mom.

In an effort to provide a quality life to every resident, the State of West Virginia (WV) has launched various programs that aim to help for struggling single mothers with their basic needs. The State offers health care, child care, food, cash and housing assistance to these mothers so that they can be able to nurture their kids accordingly.

Health care assistance for single mothers in West Virginia

The State of West Virginia offers aid to single mothers who cannot afford the cost of health care and therefore putting their children at risk. There are programs offered in this regard to offer health insurance for single mothers and help cover the vulnerable mothers with quality health care services. Some programs are Medicaid and the WV CHIP (Children’s Health Insurance Program). The programs are all needs-based.

  • Medicaid ─ is a health care insurance aimed at covering a wide range of low-income households with multiple health care services. Eligibility is determined based on the income and the household size. The beneficiaries of Social Security Income are automatically eligible for this medical insurance. There are groups of coverage established in Medicaid, for example, AFDC Medicaid, is the group aimed for unemployed single mothers with assets below $1000. To view all these, visit 
  • CHIP ─ is a health coverage primarily aimed at helping the uninsured kids whose household’s income is deemed high to qualify for Medicaid. There are groups in this coverage, viz. CHID Blue, CHIP Gold and CHIP Premium Plan. Some groups have to contribute co-pay in this cover for some health care services. In order to be eligible for this cover, the children should be below age of 19 and the family should have had lost another cover in the previous 90 days or the household should be ineligible for Medicaid. Income guidelines are listed below for this program and are found at Guidelines CoPays.pdf.
Household size CHIP Gold Monthly Income CHIP Blue Monthly Income CHIP Premium Monthly Income
2 $1940 $2586 $3879
3 $2442 $3256 $4884
4 $2945 $3926 $5889
5 $3447 $4596 $6894
6 $3950 $5266 $7899
7 $4452 $5936 $8904

Fig.1. Income guidelines in CHIP

Child care assistance for single mothers in West Virginia

Single mothers normally battle to attend school fulltime or work because of the lack of childcare to their children. Childcare is available in the State of West Virginia but at high costs unaffordable to single moms. Nevertheless, the State has made things easy for these moms by subsidizing their childcare needs.

The Division of Early Care and Education pays childcare expenses on behalf of single mothers with low-income. However, there are income requirements for approval into the assistance program. Generally, income should be below 150% of the poverty level set by the federal government.

Food assistance for single mothers in West Virginia

Food assistance in the form of food stamps is provided for low-income single mothers in West Virginia. The name of the program is called Family Assistance offered under the federal SNAP program. Monthly benefits are given to the qualifying households whose assets range below $2000 and $3250 if the household resides with an elderly or disabled person.

The program is under administration of the Department of Health and Human Resources of West Virginia. The Department aims to end hunger among the residents of the State who cannot afford to buy nutritional foods. For more info on the program, visit

The other supplemental program is the WIC (Women, Infants and Children). The program caters for low-income households of pregnant women, toddlers, infants and children below the age of 5. It provides nutritional education, support for breastfeeding, child development, prenatal care and many more. These qualifying recipients should be determined to be at nutritional risk by a WIC health professional. Income guidelines are adhered to as displayed below.

Household size Monthly Income limit
1 $1772
2 $2392
3 $3011
4 $3631
5 $4251
6 $4871
7 $5490
8 $6110
Additional member Add $620

Fig.2. income limits in WIC

Cash assistance for single mothers in West Virginia

The State of West Virginia launched a program named WV Works Cash Assistance which is aimed at helping low-income single moms with low-income. The program offers cash allowance on a monthly basis to help these moms to meet their basic needs and to supplement the monthly expenses the have. It is offered under the federal TANF program. It lasts for 60 months during which the participants will engage in work activities that prepare them for employment after exit. The participants are required to have a personal responsibility contract that will bind them to achieve their best and accomplish their objectives to be self-reliant.

Normally, the participants of this program also receive the SNAP and the Medicaid cash assistance programs because eligibility requirements are identical. The income limit should be 150% of the poverty level as set out by the federal government.

On the same note of cash assistance, there is another program primarily aimed at helping those found in the crisis condition. It is named Salvation Army Assistance Program. The program is administered and funded by Salvation Army. The target of the program goes to low-income families.

The program can offer emergency cash assistance, clothing, food and housing. If, for instance, a single mother is facing foreclosure, they can pay on her behalf to secure the shelter until things are settled. Moreover, the program can also help with Christmas gifts and many more to those under-privileged to afford.

Housing assistance for single mothers in WV

The State of West Virginia helps the single mothers with housing welfare benefits by help paying their rents. This is done through the Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program. The mom has to go seek a privately owned housing unit and negotiate for it. The State, upon approval of the standards of the unit chosen, will sign the lease the agreement with the Landlord. The single mother will have to contribute only 30% towards rent payment. Bear in mind that demand exceeds available aid and therefore is not easy to get immediate help.

Single mother in the State of Virginia are therefore in a good position of enjoying life and of nurturing their kids. The State has done its best in offering help in a wide variety of fields. It is the State’s quest to create quality life for all residents.

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