Help for Single Mothers in Las Vegas

Staying in Las Vegas as the most populated city of Nevada is a challenge. The population is over half-a-million and with a marked unemployment rate of 9.8 %. Thus a single mother will struggle to survive in this city given the economic fluctuations in the city. It will be tough for a single mom to provide essential needs such as housing, food, childcare, and healthcare to her children. The mother as well needs money for energy costs and bills. That’s a burden indeed to a single mom living in this city. However, the burden can be taken off her shoulders if she considers the offer from the State of Nevada  to help for single mothers and households with low or no income in Las Vegas. The aid pertains to health care assistance, food assistance, childcare assistance, financial assistance, energy assistance and housing assistance as outlined below.

Health care assistance

The void of healthcare to single mothers is filled by the Division of Healthcare Financing and Policy which has partnered with Medicine and Medical Services center in providing the less-privileged individuals with healthcare services. These less-privileged individuals are those ones with low-income and cannot afford medical aids. The partners offer various programs in an endeavor to help these individuals, viz. Medicaid and Nevada check-up.

  • Medicaid- is a healthcare program which offers health insurance for single mothers as well as a   wider range of disadvantaged residents of Las Vegas in the State of Nevada. The individuals should be members of low-income households with a gross income less than 133 % of the Federal Poverty Level. The recipients of Supplemental Security Income are also among the eligible citizens. These eligible people are approved by the Welfare and Supportive Services Division.
  • Nevada check-up- this program serves as a Health Insurance Program dedicated to children. All the uninsured children who have been excluded from Medicaid on account of eligibility rules are covered by this program. They must be members of low-income households with gross-income marked under 200 % of Federal Poverty Level. For more info on this visit

Food assistance

Foods are the basic needs of children and single mothers. Failure to have them leads to poor nutrition and may subject children as well as the mother to various diseases. The State of Nevada has put some measures in order to alleviate this deficiency. Thus being a single mother in Las Vegas will never again be stressful considering the State’s assistance with food. There are programs such as SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) which is used to help provide nutrition to the less-fortunate families of children.

This program is made possible by the Welfare and Supportive Services Division. They approve only the low-income households where eligibility rules are strictly applied. One can apply online for the program and approval normally takes 30 business days. On exceptional circumstances, the program can be approved in 7 days if the Welfare Office has been notified about the family crisis of lack of food. Once approved, the recipients will be given an Electronic Benefits Transfer card that can be used in any store in the region for groceries.

Approval to this program is made easy to the beneficiaries of Medicaid healthcare program, Temporary Assistance to Needy Families and recipients of Supplemental Security Income. To these individuals it is obvious that their income is low.

Childcare assistance

Imagine the barrier built for you to pursue studies or work because no-one can actually take care of your children. That may be a set back to further your studies given the fact that childcare in Las Vegas is expensive and you cannot afford it as a single mother. Nevertheless, the State of Nevada has destroyed that barrier by offering child support for single mothers in childcare centers. Low-income single mothers tend to gain access in subsidized childcare centers where expenses are paid for by the State’s programs.

There is a Child Care Development Fund set to help the disadvantaged children. The fund is administered by the Welfare and Supportive Services Division. It is provided for 12 years to the eligible recipients. Another program is Kinship Care Program. This one is offered to children who are currently no residing with their biological parents but relatives. The relatives should be in an age range of 62 and upwards. With this program, an amount of $147 is granted where a child is in age range of below 12, $400 granted where more than two children are within age range of below 12 and $142 where age range exceeds 13. the eligible children must be related to the relatives through blood.

Financial assistance

To relief the stress of financial constraints to single mothers in Las Vegas, the State of Nevada has launched TANF (Temporary Assistance to Needy Families) program offering financial help for low income single mothers or households. The Health and Human Services Department is the one responsible for this program. The program has a lifetime of 5 years. Transport and childcare services are also offered by this program. For more information visit the State’s website at

Energy assistance

A single mother with low-income will certainly battle the energy bills in an advanced city of Las Vegas. Electricity bills are skyrocketing and in most cases depend on the usage. The State has seen the need to help those disadvantaged so that they receive the same standard of service as many do. The help goes to low-income households. Once approved, the whole amount due for a year will be paid to your service provider so you do not have to worry about monthly payments. Eligibility rules are strict as well. Firstly the applicant must be a resident of Nevada and must be using energy already from any utility entity or perhaps paying to the landlord. The income range is also taken into account. The income should not be above 150 % of Federal Poverty Level.

Housing assistance

The Department of Housing and Urban Development came onboard to help for a single mother and those in need of shelter through subsidized housing programs. The low-income households are afforded an opportunity to have a safe and affordable housing with reduced rents. The choice of any housing rests with any household. There are administered programs in this regard such as Indian Housing, Section 8 housing and Public housing. For more information on these and many more visit the Department of Housing and Urban Development.

Single mothers residing in Las Vegas and abroad in the State of Nevada can count themselves blessed because of the assistance that the State is offering them. The basic needs of their children will now be fulfilled.

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