Help for single mothers in Iowa (IA)

With a tremendous amount of needs that a single mom has to provide to her kids, it is really a challenge to survive in the State of Iowa. Kids need food, clothing, shelter, education, child care and health, to mention but a few. These are all expected from a single mom. Her low-income cannot afford all these as coupled with other household’s expenses like energy bills and other items.

The State of Iowa has intervened to help these moms with the help they need for upbringing their kids. The State offers help for single mothers in terms of Health care, child care, food, cash, education, and housing, to mention a few. These aids are only designed for low-income households.

Health care assistance for single moms in Iowa

The costs of health care services are high for single moms with low-income. Kids are often bound to many illnesses that need medical attention and one needs coverage to offer that quality service to kids. To have coverage is also expensive especially for low-income households. The Department of Human Services of the State of Iowa has various programs that are put to help give quality health care to financially needy mothers. Medicaid (Title 19) and Hawk-I are the programs offered by the Department.

Medicaid gives coverage to kids below the age of 21 years, parents living with kids with the maximum age of 18, the disabled, blind and the senior citizens with minimum age of 65 years and women who are diagnosed with cervical or breast cancer. There are a plethora of services offered in this cover. However, it is based on income eligibility and some non-financial qualifying factors.

Hawk-I gives coverage to uninsured kids below the age of 19. They may be the kids of the employed single moms whose income is too much to qualify of Medicaid program. In some cases, a mom may be expected to contribute co-pay but if your income is very-low then you get a free coverage. Below are income guidelines for a free coverage.

Household size Annual Income limits
1 $17235
2 $23265
3 $29295
4 $35325
5 $41355
6 $47385
7 $53415
8 $59445

Fig.1. Income limits for Hawk-I program


Child care assistance for single moms in Iowa

The lack of childcare is a disadvantage for single moms because they cannot further their studies or work fulltime. Child care expenses are unattainable for them because of their low-income. Fortunately there are child government benefits the State of Iowa. A Child Care Assistance program  is aimed at helping the low-income moms with childcare costs. The age limit for normal kids is 13 years and 18 years for kids with special needs.

The recipients of FIP (Family Investment Program) and the participants of PROMISE JOB program are automatically eligible for this program. If you are not one of these mentioned participants then you will have to meet normal income limits set for the program.

Housing assistance for single moms in Iowa

Shelter is among important human needs that a child and a mom needs. However, it is not easy to acquire that especially when you are under-employed because costs are generally high for descent housing. The State of Iowa has therefore seen the need to relief these low-income single moms. They are offering housing assistance programs in this regard.

Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program is one of the core programs of the State in helping these moms to get quality housing. They offer rental assistance where the mom has to choose a privately owned housing unit that meets the standards set by the Housing and Urban Development Department of the U.S. The mother will have to pay 30% of her adjusted monthly income.

In terms of eligibility, the mother should have an income which is below 50% of the median income of the area residing in. She must have kids with the age maximum of 18 or elderly members with age minimum of 62 years or the disabled. Below is the table that illustrates the income limits for this program.

Household size Annual Income limits
1 $22050
2 $25200
3 $28350
4 $31450
5 $34000
6 $36500
7 $39000
8 $41550

Fig.2.Income limits for housing assistance in Iowa


Food assistance for single moms in Iowa

Food stamps are offered as food assistance to single moms with low income in the State of Iowa. The mom must meet income guidelines set by the State where the number of household members versus the monthly income is taken into account. The benefits will be offered on a monthly basis via an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card. Recipients are forbidden from purchasing non-nutritious foods products like alcohol.

WIC (Women, Infants and Children) is also a supplemental nutrition program offered to pregnant women, infants, toddlers and children with maximum age of 5 years. They must be at nutritional risk all of them as determined by the health expert of WIC. Income limits must also be met to qualify for the program.

Cash assistance for single mothers in Iowa

Cash grants for personal needs it’s offered as a supplement to the single mom’s monthly income. This will enable her to purchase clothing for her kids and purchase some household items. However, the program lasts for only 60 months. The mom is therefore encouraged, as included in the program, to participate in work services offered by the program. These include employment training and other support services that will enable the mom to be self-reliant.

The program is called Family Investment Program in the State of Iowa and is called TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) in the Federal government. It caters for low-income mothers. While participating in the program, the mom will be required to co-operate with Child Support Enforcement which help establish the whereabouts of the missing father of the kids.

Education assistance

Children of the single mom have the opportunity to apply for State’s grants and scholarships that are on the basis of financial neediness. These grants and scholarships are available at the authorized institutions that the kids intend to study at.

The State of Iowa offers help to a high degree to single moms in an endeavor to create quality life for all. Thus single moms are given both moral and financial support in nurturing their children properly. All the assistance programs require that the mom is a citizen of U.S and resident of Iowa. Financial requirements also apply.

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