Grants for Single Mothers in Missouri

It is too demanding to be a single mom in the state of Missouri in the United States of America. There are needs that you need to provide to your children and yourself at a cost. If you have financial constraints then that’s the starting point of ladder of problems. A single mom is bound to have needs such as shelter, foods, childcare, financial aid, and education, to mention just a few. Obviously finance is the determinant for you to get all these. The state of Missouri is offering help for single moms in the form of grants. It offers healthcare aid, housing aid, food aid, child care aid, educational aid and financial aid.

Healthcare aid

Single mothers are afforded equal opportunity to access healthcare facilities and services on account of their financial status. There are programs launched to help these mothers and other individuals with the same financial status. For instance, Medicaid for single mothers is aimed at helping low-income households to benefit from health services in Missouri. The program is offered by the Family Support Division of the Department of Social Services. To find out more about it, visit

Furthermore, there is another program called MO HealthNet for kids (MHK). It is a health care program for disadvantaged children. The program is also offered by the Division of Family Support in the Department of Social Services. The primary aim of the program is to provide children with hospital care, primary care, dental care, vision care and many more health care services. But there are eligibility rules applied on this program. Children must be under 19 years of age, must have social security number, and must be citizens of U.S and residents of Missouri to qualify for the program. In addition, there is also income requirements applied. The full list of guidelines pertaining to income is published on the website

Single mothers and their children will benefit from these healthcare programs. However, they must meet eligibility rules as the qualifying factors used in granting these aids.

Housing aid

Shelter is one the needs that a single mom and her children are looking for. Lack of it can lead to improper nurturing of kids. The state of Missouri has therefore put measures in place to offer single mom housing help. There are subsidized rents where a single mom end up paying reduced rent. If a single mom is unemployed there is also another program named Home Affordable Unemployment Program which accommodates such people. Payments may be cut for a period of a year or more. The rent may as well be reduced to 31 % if you have other means of survival. Find out more about this program and many more on

Food aid

Access to food is also a problem to single mothers given the rising prices of foods in the state of Missouri. The state has launched various programs in helping out these vulnerable mothers. There are a SNAP (Supplement Nutrition Assistance Program) and Food Distribution Program. The SNAP program is originally launched by the federal government of the United States but it is called Food Stamps program in the state of Missouri. There are funds given in this program for eligible people such as single mother to buy groceries in any retail store accredited by the Department of Agriculture of the United States. These funds are given in the Electronic Benefit Transfer card given to the recipients of these funds. For more info on this program, visit

The Food Distribution Program is designed to distribute donated foods to the qualifying recipients based on eligibility rules. Single mothers are obviously included but depending on the financial condition they are in. their incomes will be evaluated to see if they qualify. For more info, visit

Childcare aid

Childcare Assistance Program is launched to help single mothers with government grants for children that cover the expenses associated with childcare institutions. This applies to those moms who spend their days either at school, vocational training or at work. Only the mothers who of low-income and those receiving public assistance like Temporary Cash Assistance. gives full details regarding childcare in Missouri.

Education and Financial aid

With regard to educational aid, there are a number of grants single parents with low interest rates or with no repayments obligation. These grants are available to needy children and their mothers as well. To apply for any of these grants, simply go to the preferred college to apply. The application used for these grants is FAFSA (Free Application of Federal Student Aid).

Financial aid as cash is offered to single mom through a program called Temporary Cash Assistance. Like the name says, it is temporary and single mothers are therefore urged no to rely on it too much. For that little time receiving this assistance they need to find a more secured employment.

There are strict eligibility rules applied when providing Temporary assistance. The pregnant women and the disabled are in right position as well to apply for this aid. In most cases, the single mothers will be expected to serve at least 30 hours a week working in exchange of the Temporary Cash Assistance. However, there are exceptions to those unable to work due to some various reasons possibly related to their health. The WIC program is also available for help to single mothers and children. The state website on can be visited for more information on all the assistance given to single mothers.

With the help of the federal government and the state of Missouri, single mothers can now enjoy life and nurturing their kids through a number of programs aimed at helping them. Long gone are those teary eyes caused by financial battles where one cannot afford housing, education, childcare and healthcare. It is indeed too demanding to be a single mother because all the financial battles come to your shoulders and could possibly end up losing direction of life. So acquaint yourself with all the help provided by the state of Missouri.

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