Grants for single mothers in Kentucky

There are many grants provided to low-income single mothers in the State of Kentucky. These moms find it hard to serve their kids with all the needs that the kids are entitled to. Children raised by single mother look forward to the provision of housing, child care, health care, food, clothes and many more needs. These needs are heavy onto the mom’s shoulder.

However, the mom’s shoulder is relieved from these needs by the State of Kentucky. The State has many grants offered to these mothers so as to nurture their children with care for good development. The State offers assistance in child care, food, cash, health care, energy and many more targeted fields.

Health care grants for single moms in Kentucky

Due to the low-income, they have on a monthly basis; single mothers often struggle to afford the health insurance for single mothers premiums. The premiums, especially those for private insurance companies, are inconveniently high for these moms and therefore leave them uninsured. The State of Kentucky has Medical Assistance Programs comprising of Medicaid and KCHIP (Kentucky Children’s Health Insurance Program).

Medicaid offers health care and medical services to low-income families and children whose income has barricaded them from getting covered by, for example, private insurance companies. The age limit for children is 19 years. Pregnant women, the disabled, the blind people and the elderly are also eligible for Medicaid program. However, there are income restrictions applied in this program. The applicant must be a citizen of U.S and the resident of Kentucky.

KCHIP offers health care coverage to all uninsured children who were disqualified for Medicaid due to their incomes not being within the maximum allowable income limits. The program, depending on the applicant’s income, offers low-cost of free coverage. It provides dental care, vision care, medications, hospital care, prescription drugs and many more services.

Only residents of Kentucky or qualified alien are considered for this aid. They should meet income guidelines as highlighted below.

Household size Annual Income limits
1 $22340
2 $30260
3 $38180
4 $46100
5 $54020
6 $61940
7 $69860
8 $77780
Additional $7920

Fig.1. Income limits for KCHIP program


Food grants for single moms in Kentucky

Single moms are accommodated with food stamps given to low-income households. They are given these food stamps under the federal program SNAP (Supplemental Nutrition Assistance Program) called Kentucky Food Benefits in the State of Kentucky. Upon qualification, these mothers will be issued an EBT (Electronic Benefits Transfer) card to be used at participating retailers. Only food products can be purchased. No alcohol products or ready-prepared food items, for example.

To determine eligibility into this program, income and assets limits are taken into account. The assets limits for families are $2001 and $3001 for families living with an elder or disabled persons. Income limits are shown hereunder.

Family size Yearly Income limit
1 $14079
2 $18941
3 $23803
4 $28665
5 $33527
6 $38389
7 $43251
8 $48113
Over 8 Add $4862 for each

Fig.2. Income limits for Kentucky Food Benefits program


WIC (Women, Infants, and Children) is yet another nutrition-based program that endeavors to provide assistance to pregnant women, children under five years and infants who are seen to be at diet-based risk. Low-income is considered as a qualifying factor, and other requirements as well are applied.

Cash assistance for single moms in Kentucky

A single mother is helped through the program Kentucky Transitional Assistance Program (K-TAP) under the federal TANF (Temporary Assistance for Needy Families) program. Assistance is given regarding cash allowance and employment services. Employment services are designed to prepare the single mom for the world of work so that she can be self-reliant as she exits the program. The program lasts for only 60 months. It can also provide medical assistance, child care, and transport services for participants under the program Kentucky Works Program. Children should be under 19 years of age to be considered eligible for the program.

Housing assistance in Kentucky for single mothers

Housing costs are quite high in the State of Kentucky for single moms to afford them. That being said, the State has Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher Program and Project-based Rental Administration program as assistance for these moms. Section 8 Housing Choice Voucher program helps single moms to find the decent and safe housing in the apartments that are privately owned. The program will pay the part of the rent and then expect the applicant to pay 30% of his/her adjusted monthly income. It should be noted that demand is high for this program and thus every applicant will be placed on a waiting list before the receipt of voucher.

Section 8 Project-based Rental Administration grants the single mothers subsidized housing units in the State and still expected to pay the same portion of the rent. However, with these units, the subsidy goes with the housing unit. If the single mom decides to relocate, she has to apply for another subsidy bearing in mind the scarcity of aid exceeded by demands. The programs are administered by Kentucky Housing Corporation.

Child care assistance for single mothers in Kentucky

The absence of child care puts single mothers in an awkward situation of not being able to pursue their studies on account of their children not receiving care. Child care is there in the State of Kentucky, but for a single mom with low-income, it is quite unaffordable. The State has therefore established the Child Care Assistance Program to help these moms with child care expenses. The costs will be paid directly to registered child care providers. Income restrictions and some technical restrictions apply for this child care program.

Energy assistance in Kentucky for single moms

LIHEAP (Low Income Home Energy Assistance Program) and Weatherization Assistance Program are the two most used programs as assistance towards low-income single moms who cannot afford to pay heating costs or save energy. The programs pay costs to the provider of energy on behalf of the mother.

There is no more a big shoulder on any single mother because the State of Kentucky is helping out in many ways to relieve them. A wide variety of grants is given to these moms to provide basic human needs to their children.

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